Monday, 28 February 2011

Loving Cookie(A)'s


ore knitterly excitement.......the first installment of Cookie A's sock club arrived!

Having previously received the patterns (two) and cookie recipes (two, one by the beloved Alice Yu) by email, I was mightily excited waiting for the yarn itself to wing its way to my door. It feels so lush and is beautifully dyed by String Theory, but it's testing my colour boundaries.....isn't that part of the fun of yarn clubs? The colour is one I would have never chosen myself and I'll admit to feeling a bit deflated when I opened it, but a few days on and I'm softening to its charms. In a week or two it might have become my new favourite at this rate, but if not I shall make something for somebody who more in tune with its green hue. Either that or I shall commit the sin over dying with some blue in the microwave!!!

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